It’s easy to understand why many people feel at-home workouts aren’t as challenging or effective as their gym counterparts. But did you know the addition of AirBands, will help you to achieve 100% intensity in your workout using only body weight or band-resistance workouts.  

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training, also known as occlusion training, is an effective training method that is commonly utilised by high performance and rehabilitation experts. The benefit of BFR training is that it can help you to get stronger and grow muscle mass while actually using lighter weights. AirBands are the next generation in BFRt and are the world’s first wireless, smart-device controlled cuffs that enables you to easily harness the benefits of this type of training.

Using AirBands during exercise reduces the amount of oxygenated blood that is available in the limb and forces the body to work harder than it would without occlusion which triggers a more pronounced adaptation response in your muscles. For certain adaptations, you can get a similar training response while placing significantly less mechanical stress on the body. For example, some studies have shown that BFR training with 30% of your 1RM, which is typically considered too low for meaningful training, can yield similar results as traditional strength training in terms of strength or hypertrophy. 

While there is still an active scientific debate about what truly drives the adaptations associated with resistance training, there appears to be a combination of mechanical and metabolic stimuli involved. Mechanical being the tension placed on the structures themselves and metabolic being the physiological cascade triggered by muscular fatigue. 

It is therefore safe to assume BFR training works along similar pathways but amplifies the metabolic pathway and reduces the required mechanical stress. This has significant benefits for people who are unable to tolerate heavy weights or want to spare their joints and other structures as much as possible during training. 

Interestingly with BFR, your oxygen-dependent slow-twitch fibers fatigue more quickly than normal, the body is forced to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers, which have the biggest potential for growth. Typically, fast-twitch fibers don’t get recruited unless you’re using heavy loads or training explosively. BFR allows you to recruit fast-twitch muscle with loads less than 50 percent of your one-rep max.  

So, the question on how AirBands and BFR training can amplify a home workout is simple, adding AirBands to your workouts decreases the amount of external load you need, as they are helping to create a metabolic environment in the muscle similar to though experienced with using much higher intensities.  

Implementing AirBands into a well-designed home training program, may well help you to take your muscular development to new heights, particularly when access to gym equipment is limited. 

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