AirBands are the next generation in blood flow restriction training.

+ Fully Wireless
+ Personalised Calibration
+ Automatic Inflation

Train Smarter. Get Stronger

A safe and effective training tool, AirBands leverages the benefits of blood flow restriction (BFR) to reduce the time and intensity required to build muscle and increase strength.

The world’s first wireless, automated BFR cuffs, AirBands can help accelerate training results, manage loads and streamline rehabilitation.

Take the guesswork out of calibration.

The AirBands app allows for:

+ Wireless pairing

+ Automatic inflation/deflation

+ Individualised pressure calibration

Learn about
BFR Training

Blood flow restriction is a safe and effective training methodology that can help individual’s build muscle and increase strength, even while training with little or no resistance.

It involves placing a tourniquet around the limb during exercise to restrict the blood flow from the working muscle. This causes a localized hypoxic environment, leading to faster muscle fatigue which results in a multitude of beneficial physiological adaptations.

Research has shown when combined with appropriate training programs, blood flow restriction can:

+ Improve Muscle Strength
+ Enhance Aerobic Capacity
+ Increase Muscle Hypertrophy