Leg and Arm Pair Package



Technical Specifications

+ Weight: 500g/17oz

+ One size fits most

+ Arm cuff: 25cm – 45cm/ 10 inches – 18 inches

+ Leg cuff: 45cm – 65cm / 18 inches – 26 inches

+ Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

+ USB-C recharging cable

+ Travel case

+ Patent pending


AirBands are the world’s first, fully digital and wireless Blood Flow Restriction training device, which is controlled seamlessly via Bluetooth from your smart device, allowing you to precisely control pressure intuitively from the palm of your hand. Airbands reduce the time and exercise intensity needed to build muscle and increase strength for healthy people. This combination of benefits makes it ideal for many applications including physio’s helping patients young and old, amateur or professional athletes, personal trainers or people who simply want to be more efficient with their exercise.

Model: Airband
Pressure: Up to 250 mmHg
Power voltage: 3.70V
Battery: LI-P Battery
Wireless communication: Bluetooth LE 4.0

Additional information

Product Option

Arm Pair, Leg Pair, Arm & Leg Package


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One Size Fits Most

One Size Fits Most

Don’t worry about sizing, the adjustable straps on your AirBands fit most arms and legs.

No Manual Pump

No Manual Pump

No fussing about with external pumps. AirBands inflate and deflate to exact pressure automatically.

Intelligent Pressure

Intelligent Pressure

The AirBands app automatically calculates your personalised pressure zone.

Set up your AirBands in under 2 minutes

Set up your AirBands in under 2 minutes
Set up your AirBands in under 2 minutes

Download AirBands app

Pair your AirBands

AirBands helps auto-select pressure

Start exercising and experiencing the benefits of BFR training

Set up your AirBands in under 2 minutes

How to use AirBands